About Us


TONIQ evolved from a need to provide an easy but nutritious option for a work-out energy boost or a meal alternative for a busy mom. 


Gillian Shepherd, founder of TONIQ, moved to Canmore in 2014 with her husband and young family.  Immediately intimidated by the fitness levels of all the people she met and the healthy attitude prevalent in Canmore, she discovered a new found passion and health benefits of raw, plant-based food.  Initially to lose weight but also as a stepping stone to changing to a healthier diet, she embarked upon a 30-day juice cleanse...  30lbs lighter and with more energy than she had experienced before, she could not help but share her joy and her juices with friends, family and beyond.  During the Summer of 2015, Gillian certified as a raw food chef and now crafts delicious and nutritious juices in Canmore's first and only Micro-Juicery.


TONIQ food & drink.  Unit 101, 804 6th Ave., Canmore           Call: 403. 675.0051

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