We use an industry-leading, cold-press commercial juicer to gently extract every nutritious drop from an array of organic vegetables and fruits. This gentle extraction process preserves enzymes and nutrients and results in the freshest tasting juice possible. 



HPP (high pressure processing) is an industry trick used to extend the shelf life of a juice, the process degrades the quality of juice at a cellular level but allows the juice to be consumed up to 45 days after being created.  These juices are not fresh and are nutrient deficient.

Juice Bar (and home-made) juices tend to be made with centrifugal machines. The juices from this process are also low in nutrients owing to the fact that the force used in this method tears the nutrients and enzymes, degrading and initiating almost immediate food spoilage. These juices must be consumed right away as the presence of heat in this process neutralizes and further destroys the extracted nutrients.

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